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February 12th, 2016    

RuneScape - Zaros, some light music and the new Support Centre

In our next Bumper RuneScape podcast Mod Osborne delves into Lore Corner to talk all things Zaros, Mod MattHe and Mod Shauny talk about his favourite piece of RuneScape music and then Mod Infinity and the Player Support JMods talk about all our new Support Centre!


January 29th, 2016    

RuneScape - Seren, a song & the Community Helpers

 Welcome to the new Bumper RuneScape podcast packed with content - Mod Osborne takes Lore Corner for a chat about Seren, Mod MattHe and Mod Krista talk about her favourite piece of RuneScape music and then Mod Infinity sits down with Player Support JMods to talk about all our Community Helper initiative!


January 15th, 2016    

RuneScape - Invention 101

The Good Professor Moltare is tested on his own Invention exam paper by Mod MattHe - we run through how the skill works, what the jargon means, and what else you can expect to see in 2016, as players pioneer their way through the skill!


January 7th, 2016    

RuneScape - A birthday to remember

15 years old! 15! Wow! And how could we ignore this momentous occasion? Well we can't, so Mod Krista visits the sofas to talk to Mod MattHe about the awesome celebrations we have added in game for this month. Don't forget to grab your slice of the cake!


December 18th, 2015    

RuneScape - 2015’s Community Highlights

With Christmas coming soon we take the last Podcast of the year as a chance for the Community Team to talk about the best of the year community-wise - from GameBlast to RuneFest it has been a corker! Join Mod Kalaya, Mod Neena, Mod Jon and Mod MattHe to reminisce about 2015 and get excited about the wealth of game coming up in 2016.


December 11th, 2015    

RuneScape - Looking back at 2015

Mod Osborne takes over the sofa along with Mod Connor, Mod Liam and Mod Ollie to chat about the last year in RuneScape and the awesome content we have all enjoyed!


December 3rd, 2015    

RuneScape - A Very Merry Christmas!

Mod MattHe chats to Mod Orion and Mod Mohawk about the RuneScape Christmas - all things Advent Calender, Christmas Quest and Winter Weekends. The Holidays are right here!


November 27th, 2015    

RuneScape - Chronicle: Inside the Closed Beta

Special guest stars Mod Fox and Mod Merchant pop onto the podcast sofas to chat with Mod MattHe, hot from the launch of the Closed Beta to talk about all things Chronicle. Discussion include how the game plays, who the Legends are, how to build a deck and the best ways to get involved!


November 20th, 2015    

RuneScape - Mod Neena Exposed

It is Mod Neena's turn to visit the podcast studio this week, with chat and questions about Pmods, studio visits for players, the player gallery and quite how many times she has died in RuneScape!


November 12th, 2015    

RuneScape - Mod Raven Exposed

Mod MattHe interviews Mod Raven on the podcast sofas - asking a series of player questions all of which are entirely serious, clearly!


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