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May 17th, 2016    

RuneScape - Free Love And Sheep

Another bumper podcast with Mod Osborne speaking all things Guthix with the rest of the Lore Corner, Mod Raven talking about his favourite piece of RuneScape music and Mod Infinity gathers the Player Support team to chat about how we work with social media!


April 28th, 2016    

RuneScape - River of Blood

Mod Stu and Mod Orion join the podcast monkey on the sofas to chat about the final installment of the Myreque series, the rewards you might earn on this awesome quest and what the future might hold for Morytania! Warning: this podcast contains many, many spoilers!


April 14th, 2016    

RuneScape - Bandos, Balance, Rules and Tools!

In this week's Podcast the Lore corner discusses Bandos, listen to what makes Mod Balance cry and the Player Support team discusses the Rules of RuneScape and the tools they use  - enjoy!


March 31st, 2016    

RuneScape - Armadyl Lore and More

In this week's Podcast, the Lore corner discusses Armadyl Lore including Rite of Passage, enjoy some dark and chilling music and talk about Customer Support processes - enjoy!


March 24th, 2016    

RuneScape - God Wars Dungeon 2

Join Mod Matthe and the Watch as the discuss the upcoming update - God Wars 2, aka the Heart of Gielinor. Battles await you.


March 10th, 2016    

RuneScape - Some Zamorak Lore, Mod Bond’s favourite music track and Player Support Monitoring

This week, Mod Osborne is joined by the lore group to discuss some new Zamorak stories. Mod Bond talks about his favourite music track and Player support discusses their live monitoring system.


February 26th, 2016    

RuneScape - Some Saradominist Lore, Mod Moltare’s favourite music and Player Support talks Account security!

In this week's podcast, learn a little more about Saradomin with Mod Osborne and the Lore group - then, Mod Moltare talks about his favourite piece of RuneScape Music! Mod Infinity talks with the player support team about Account Security to finish off the podcast!


February 12th, 2016    

RuneScape - Zaros, some light music and the new Support Centre

In our next Bumper RuneScape podcast Mod Osborne delves into Lore Corner to talk all things Zaros, Mod MattHe and Mod Shauny talk about his favourite piece of RuneScape music and then Mod Infinity and the Player Support JMods talk about all our new Support Centre!


January 29th, 2016    

RuneScape - Seren, a song & the Community Helpers

 Welcome to the new Bumper RuneScape podcast packed with content - Mod Osborne takes Lore Corner for a chat about Seren, Mod MattHe and Mod Krista talk about her favourite piece of RuneScape music and then Mod Infinity sits down with Player Support JMods to talk about all our Community Helper initiative!


January 15th, 2016    

RuneScape - Invention 101

The Good Professor Moltare is tested on his own Invention exam paper by Mod MattHe - we run through how the skill works, what the jargon means, and what else you can expect to see in 2016, as players pioneer their way through the skill!


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