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November 27th, 2015    

RuneScape - Chronicle: Inside the Closed Beta

Special guest stars Mod Fox and Mod Merchant pop onto the podcast sofas to chat with Mod MattHe, hot from the launch of the Closed Beta to talk about all things Chronicle. Discussion include how the game plays, who the Legends are, how to build a deck and the best ways to get involved!


November 20th, 2015    

RuneScape - Mod Neena Exposed

It is Mod Neena's turn to visit the podcast studio this week, with chat and questions about Pmods, studio visits for players, the player gallery and quite how many times she has died in RuneScape!


November 12th, 2015    

RuneScape - Mod Raven Exposed

Mod MattHe interviews Mod Raven on the podcast sofas - asking a series of player questions all of which are entirely serious, clearly!


November 5th, 2015    

RuneScape - The Raptor’s Challenge

Mods Wilson and Asherz invade the sofas to brief us all on the new Slayer challenges, set by the one and only Raptor. They also chat about the first two waves of the scary Slayer creatures we will see emerging throughout November, starting with Living Wyverns!


October 29th, 2015    

RuneScape - Halloween 2015

The ever-spooky Mod Ollie hides behind the podcast sofas as he tells Mod MattHe all about the exciting new Halloween event where Amascut and Icthlarin war for control of the Underworld!


October 23rd, 2015    

RuneScape - Invading Falador

The White and Black Knights fight openly on the very streets of Falador while Mod MattHe and Mod Moltare talk through what it means for the city and what you can get up to while it happens! To Falador!


October 15th, 2015    

RuneScape - Call of the Ancestors

This week Mod Deg revisits the podcast sofas to chat to Mod MattHe all about the latest quest that takes our intrepid players to MazCab to help some young Goebies with the dangers they face!


October 9th, 2015    

RuneFest Reveals Discussed

RuneFest 2015 is over! But the legacy of an incredible day will last for a very long time. Find out what we revealed at RuneFest, and what you can expect from 2016 in this week’s podcast.


October 1st, 2015    

RuneScape - RuneFest Arrives!

RuneFest is here! Mod Mac and Mod Balance speak with Mod MattHe about all things RuneFest; the schedule for the day, some of the amazing things we have planned and why the team at Jagex get so excited about it. Listen in and find out how you can get involved too!


September 24th, 2015    

RuneScape - Elf City Waterfall Fishing

Elf City celebrated its first birthday this week with the addition of the amazing chilled Elf City Waterfall Fishing. With some of the best XP rates in the game, it's perfect for Double XP Weekend.

Mod Matthe chatted to Mod Wilson about it this week, and all the awesome things you can get up to with our latest update.
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